Adelpha Property Finance

Established in 2016, Adelpha Property Finance ("Adelpha"), the property finance arm of Adelpha Capital Ltd, specialises in providing simple, fast and flexible bridging, business and property development loans across England and Wales.

Adelpha provides a valuable set of lending products given the difficulty many property investors, business owners and property developers have in securing the necessary and competitively priced funds for their business, projects and properties, largely due to the conservative lending practices by banks and other lenders. As a specialist principal lender, Adelpha is able to provide the bespoke funding solutions up to £2,000,000 secured against property.

We operate by a set of core values to ensure we are able to establish valuable and lasting relationships with introducing partners, borrowers and other professional services firms we work with such as valuers and legal firms.

Our core values:


Transparency and integrity is at the heart of everything Adelpha does. Our aim is to treat customers fairly and make sure we understand their interests and concerns over the course of any loan application and term. Adelpha does not approach introducing partners customers to cross-sell other products or services.


Adelpha views ourselves as partners to client’s short-term needs and long-term goals. Building long-term relationships are at the core of our business with our professional working practices extending to all parties in every transaction, including introducers, borrowers, valuers and solicitors.



We ensure we invest the time to get to know our clients and their needs. Once these needs are established, we can structure the right finance solution, going the extra mile to ensure finance is provided to meet deadlines and to requirements.



The lending market continues to evolve and by being flexible and adaptable we are able to be at the forefront of property funding. Whilst Adelpha does have product criteria, if a case falls outside of this, Adelpha will consider the case on its commercial merits and try to structure a workable tailored finance solution

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