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Adelpha's Self Select Co-funding Platform lets investors select the loans they invest in alongside Adelpha.


Investors can invest from £5,000 to earn returns up to 12% per annum that are payable monthly into their bank account.

Investors are provided with loan data such as interest rate, loan-to-value ratio, security ranking and valuation details so they can make an informed investment decision. The investment process is a simple online process with no joining, membership or withdrawal fees.

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The process of a loan becoming an investment

1. Loan appliction assessment

A loan application is received and assessed by the underwriting team against Adelpha’s lending criteria.

2. Loan funded by Adelpha

Once approved, Adelpha funds the loan with its own funds. This ensures the borrower can get quick access to the funds they need.

3. Loan listed on platform

The loan is then listed as an investment (structured as a Receivable Purchase Agreement) on Adelpha’s co-funding platform. The listing includes loan data so investors can make an informed decision.

4. Investors earn return

Once an investor has invested in the loan they start earning interest which is paid into their bank account monthly.

5. Loan repaid

When the loan is repaid the principal invested in that loan is returned to the investor’s bank account. The loan can be repaid early or may take longer to be repaid than initially expected.

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Capital is at risk - The value of your investment and income may vary and you may lose some or all your investment. Investments are not covered by FSCS. Please read how we Manage Risks and our Risk Statement

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Please note that the products and any associated services mentioned above are available to sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, limited companies and institutions. Adelpha is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We endeavour to reduce risks to investors. However, investing in any investment product places your capital at risk, and so does purchasing debt receivables through Adelpha. Your capital is at risk