How to invest

Invest through a self-select co-funding platform:

  • Earn returns of up to 12%

  • Invest from £5,000

  • Returns payable monthly

  • You are in control. Choose the loans you want to invest in

  • No joining, membership or withdrawal fees

  • Apply and invest online

  • Investing alongside us (a co-funding platform)

  • No investment lock-up period

Capital is at risk - The value of your investment and income may vary and you may lose some or all of your investment. Investments are not covered by FSCS. Please read how we Manage Risks and our Risk Statement

Why invest in loans backed by property?

Lending is a growing investment class, generating attractive returns without the traditional ups and downs of the market. It can add diversification to investors portfolio given the the low performance correlation with other investments, such as equities.

High Return Investment | Adelpha Capital

Stable returns

Loans backed by property target stable and predictable returns, usually with a regular income distribution

Stable Investment | Adelpha Capial

Loss protection

Loans backed by security over property protects an investor from significant capital losses if a borrower cannot pay.

Lowly correlated investment | Adepha Capital

Low correlation

Loan portfolios have a low correlation to mainstream assets such as stocks and bonds, not following the traditional ups and downs of the market.

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Please note that the products and any associated services mentioned above are available to sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, limited companies and institutions. Adelpha is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We endeavour to reduce risks to investors. However, investing in any investment product places your capital at risk, and so does purchasing debt receivables through Adelpha. Your capital is at risk