Secured Business Finance

Adelpha Property Fnance provides business finance for up to 7 years with variable payment profiles  secured by property throughout England and Wales. We can lend to a wide range of businesses from new start-ups with difficult payment profiles to well established businesses.

The chances of finding the right lending solution are maximised by each lending decision being made by our experienced underwriting team who base their decision on the commercial merits of the proposal and not rigid underwriting criteria, credit scoring or computer-generated decisions.  

The combination of our light-touch application process and quick decision-making makes Adelpha an excellent option for business-critical funding. We want to help customers use their property wealth to maximise their business opportunities.

Further business funding options such as a short-term business cash advance and secured equipment finance are available through the Adelpha Capital commercial finance team

Key features

  • Underwriting: All cases considered on an indvidial basis for any business purpose

  • Security: 1st, 2nd or 3rd charge and personal guarantee.

  • Maximum LTV using OMV: 75%

  • Loan Amount: £25,000 to £1,000,000

  • Term: 6 months to 7 years

  • Repayment profile: Variable repayment profiles available such as lower monthly payments to start, interest-only options, bullet repayments or standard fixed rate amortising loans

  • Rates: From 0.65% per month

  • Property Types: Residential, Semi-commercial, Commercial

  • Location: Anywhere in England and Wales

  • Borrower Credit History: All credit history considered including new start businesses

  • Borrower Type: Individual (from 18 years old up), Company, Partnerships, Foreign Nationals, Expats, SIPP / SSAS

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